Thursday, April 2, 2015

Fast Five: Family Ministry Trainers

Today's FAST 5 features five family ministry trainers available on the 4:12 Network. You can view the complete listing of trainers by choosing "Family Ministry, Parent Ministry (students), or Parent Ministry (children)" in the Ministry Focus choice of the 4:12 Network searchable database.

Pam Keith, Louisiana
Pam serves on the staff as the Preschool Director at Philadelphia Baptist Church, Deville, Louisiana. She has extensive experience working with families with children.
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Ernest Graham, Louisiana
Ernest has been married for 26 years to Samantha Marie and they have 3 children. He has over 23 years of church ministry experience that includes serving as an International Mission Board missionary to Uganda, Africa.
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Travis Young, Arkansas
Travis Young Family Ministries exists to proclaim the Gospel to children and their families in a dynamic and compelling way. He is a former Children's Pastor serving in a variety of large and small churches.
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Pam Gibbs, Tennessee
Pam brings 20 plus years of ministry experience to the table. She is a popular speaker and is especially passionate about helping parents who have teenagers, particularly daughters.
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Kathleen Bryan, Florida
Kathleen has 20 plus years of ministry experience including ministry to students and, for the past 5 years, in women's ministry. She is passionate about Bible teaching, mentoring, and church outreach, especially to families.
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FAST 5 is a weekly post featuring five 4:12 Network members, affiliates, resources, and/or other helpful information that you can reference while developing plans for your discipleship ministry.

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