Thursday, May 28, 2015

Explore the Bible: A Pure People

Consider how you might respond to the possibility of wearing one of the three shirts pictured. One shirt is clean and ready to be worn; the second needs a hot iron and a good wash; the third isn't something you would most likely want to wear. This illustration is a suggested way to describe how God deals with three types of people in our final Explore the Bible study of Malachi.

There is more explanation of how to use the shirt illustration in the teaching helps. The illustration is designed to help emphasize the TARGET of the study:

God will refine, destroy, or reward people based on their relationships with Him.

Malachi 3:1-2 begins by giving us a great snapshot of God's grand story of Christ as Redeemer and Judge. I have included a way to explain this narrative as well. Malachi 3:1 is a picture of the birth and earthly ministry of Christ, while Malachi 3:2 introduces us to the picture of the return of Christ as Judge.

This study provides an excellent opportunity for believers to examine their walks with God and for unbelievers to understand and respond to their need for Christ. I pray God will use this to help you clearly present both perspectives, and that the Holy Spirit will work in the hearts of your group members.


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