Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Josh Hunt: Ask Great Bible Study Questions

Have you ever asked a question to your Bible study group, and the next sound you heard was the crickets chirping? Or, you asked a question and the responses you received were not what you expected? Or better yet, someone said to you, "Well, the answer to that question is obvious!" One of the most difficult teaching skills, yet one of the most important skills to learn, is how to ask great Bible study questions. Josh Hunt understands and offers weekly helps to Bible study leaders.

Josh, one of our newest 4:12 Network members, has devoted most of his adult life to Bible Study lesson writing. His lessons are called Good Questions Have Groups Talking. Each lesson consists of about twenty ready-to-use questions that are meant to stir a lively discussion.  Better yet, he provides suggested answers in the form of quotes from well-known authors such as Max Lucado and Charles Swindoll.

Josh's lessons correspond with three of Lifeway’s curriculum series as well as the International Standard Series. He also writes lessons that correspond with Ken Hemphill’s (another 4:12 Network member) non-disposable curriculum.

If you struggle with developing questions, or if you are the one responsible for helping your Bible study group leaders, you might want to consider using Josh's resources. Learn more about Josh on the 4:12 Network, and consider how you might be able to use his resources to enhance your Bible study group experiences.