Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Explore the Bible: Dangers to Avoid

John warns his readers this week of the dangers they should avoid, being taught by the false teachers. False teachers will attempt to lure believers away but they can remain in the truth of the gospel by the power of God’s Spirit. This is the focus of our study this week: Dangers to Avoid.

This illustration is from the Explore the Bible Extra that you might want to consider using as a part of your teaching plan.
If we just knew what dangers were around the next corner, would we avoid the next turn in the road? It seems we have a tendency to be drawn toward things that are dangerous, despite the warning signs. That was the case for Katherine Chappell. On June 1, 29-year-old Katherine Chappell was sadly mauled to death at a South African wild animal preserve when she rolled down the window to take a picture. Operations Manager Scott Simpson says that rolling down windows is an absolute “no-no” at the park. There are numerous signs warning of the danger, and guests are given written instructions concerning the matter when they arrive. 
The following video provides an excellent overview of Antichrist and antichrists that I highly recommend you review before teaching:

If you choose to use the suggested teaching plan you will need to bring a fishing lure(s) or a picture of fishing lures to introduce the study.


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