Thursday, June 18, 2015

Fast Five: Discipleship Paths

Moving forward toward a Christ-centered life, to be transformed so that the personality and deeds of Christ naturally flow out of us where we live, work, and play is like a journey. Today's FAST 5 features 5 discipleship paths that help make this journey possible.
Steve Layton, Discipleship Pastor, Brentwood Baptist Church, Brentwood, TN outlines these paths in his new process entitled, JourneyOn. The 5 paths he maps out include:

Small Group Bible Studies 
People move best on the journey when they travel together in groups. They learn to love one another, involve themselves in community, focus on God’s Word, and engage the world with the Gospel. This tends to be the primary discipleship model for most churches.

Focus Studies
Focus Studies are short-term classes or workshops that explore God’s Word as it relates to specific topics. This weeks previous blog post on Steve's 7 Foundation Essentials, provides a look at some of the areas which Focus Studies might address. Focus Studies allow people on the journey the chance to learn in groups while allowing for flexibility and diversity of both topic and setting.

Self-Guided Studies
Time alone with God is a critical part of moving forward. Many people learn best by setting the pace themselves and setting aside time to quietly focus on their relationship with Christ. Resources someone might use include Bible studies, as well as daily devotions.

e-Learning Studies
Connecting with others on similar journeys through online videos, downloads, and online courses allow people to grow in ways that meet the demands of unique schedules and situations. While e-learning isn't for everyone it can be a path you could recommend to growing disciples in your church. You might want to check out some of these learning sites to see if they fit your needs
Mentor Relationships
A personal guide can provide a well-worn path to follow— someone who’s been there before—to help others get where they need to go. There are different kinds of mentor relationships, each designed to meet the unique needs of each person’s journey.

You might want to check out JourneyOn to see if the resources and approach is something that can help your church develop a path for effective discipleship. If you need additional help feel free to contact Steve Layton, member of the 4:12 Network, or search for other discipleship trainers who might help meet your needs.

FAST 5 is a weekly post featuring five 4:12 Network members, affiliates, resources, and/or other helpful information that you can reference while developing plans for your discipleship ministry.

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