Friday, July 24, 2015

Explore the Bible: Corrected Seven Church Chart

I made a mistake - first one today! I am so grateful for a teacher in Sarasota, Florida for pointing out the mistake in the Seven Churches Chart for this week's upcoming Bible study session (July 26, Let Them Hear). This demonstrates how we should all work together in opening God's Word to those God has entrusted to us. Here was this teacher's gracious message:
Your Bible study helps from the 4:12 project are awesome.  Thank you for doing this. I noticed on the last page of the teaching plan that a few of the churches listed have incorrect info regarding the commitments/promises God made to the people of the churches.  The listed churches are in the wrong column.  I plan on using this chart for my lesson this Sunday.  Are you aware of this?  Will you have a corrected chart coming out?
I have made the corrections to the chart. You might want to download the teaching plan again or just download the corrected chart. Here are links to both.