Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Explore the Bible: Let Them Hear

What happens when we age? Well we all know what happens. Our bodies, minds, attitudes, preferences all change -- some for the better and, sadly, some for the worse. Many of us will all wake up one day thinking, "If I had just listened and taken care of myself better." Usually we don't listen until someone or something gets our attention. This was the case with the seven churches in the book of Revelation and the focus of this weeks Explore the Bible study, Let Them Hear.

The seven churches described in the book of Revelation were 40 plus years old. That was just long enough for the health of the body of Christ - the church - to decline due to cultural pressures and spiritual compromise. Jesus Christ delivered a unique message to each church.

The study this week will focus on the messages or letters to each church, the promises given to each church, and how they relate to churches today and to the individual believer. We will also celebrate the wonderful promises given to each church as they relate to eternal life with Christ. This is the most exciting point of the study as you get to outline all that eternal life encompasses.

Warning: You cannot possibly deal with all of the details of these passages, but you can give your group an opportunity to evaluate their walk with Christ by comparing themselves to the seven churches. You can give them a glimpse into eternity and the blessings that we will experience if we are believers. Be sure to remain focused on that primary message.

The Plan: I have included a completely new teaching plan along with the following resources:
  • Handout: The Seven Church Chart (This is on the last page of the teaching plan).
  • Optional PowerPoint: The teaching plan incorporates a PowerPoint if you choose to use it. Click to Preview or Download
  • Video Option: The following video can be used as part of the LOOK OUT application at the end.


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