Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Explore the Bible: The Worthy Lamb

In Revelation 5:1-14, John’s vision of God’s throne room continues. John is watching as the speaker undertakes a search for someone who is able to open God’s sealed scroll. John’s joy briefly turns into weeping as he realizes that there doesn’t seem to be anyone worthy to break the seals and open the scroll. But, his weeping is short-lived.  God reveals that Jesus and Jesus alone is the only one worthy to open the scroll. The Worthy Lamb, Jesus Christ, the Son of God now takes center stage in our Explore the Bible study this week.

Your group has an opportunity this week to truly worship Christ for all He has and will do for those who believe and follow Him!

Below is one of two video suggestions for closing out your session. 

Here is another video you might want to consider as well:  Worthy the Lamb -Gaither Vocal Band

The teaching plan ends with the group reading silently Revelation 5:12-14 and identifying how the multitudes honored Christ and the attitudes of the worshipers. No where in these passages do we see the worshipers focusing on their needs or comforts. It was all about Christ and what He deserved! Lead your group to evaluate whether or not their focus in life and worship is on what they feel they deserve from Christ or on what Christ deserves from us because of all He has done to secure our salvation.


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