Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Explore the Bible: God Creates

Our new Explore the Bible study, God Creates, introduces us to God, His work, and His ways, as He carries out the act of creation. God wanted His covenant people to know Yahweh, the covenant God, the one and only God who spoke everything into existence. So, through Moses, God introduces Himself, not only to the Israelite's but to all those who believe in Him as Creator of everything!

God Creates. This is such a powerful and foundational statement that lies at the heart of our faith. If we don't understand what all this means, then we will struggle with living our faith. The fact is, God created the entire universe out of nothing, and He did so with purpose. That purpose continues today as He offers reconciliation through His Son Jesus Christ to His crowning creation, man.

Our study this quarter will focus on Genesis chapters 1-25. As we begin our study here are some helps for preparing for this week and the weeks to follow:

Resources From Ken Hamm 
The following link provides an overview by Ken Hamm. 
While the video is dated the content isn't.
Resources from LifeWay
Introduction to Genesis from Explore the Bible on Vimeo.

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